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(Owner of Barnaby)

(owner of Cha Cha)

I would like to say thank you for being so helpful. Your way to search dogs are incredibly efficient. Me and my family would like to say millions thank you to you.
~ Catherine, owner of Riley

Butter is found! There is no words to describe how the whole family feel towards to your help. Thank you for replying to my email when I am so lost. We thought we lose him forever.. You carried out all the work and search through the SNS at the quickest time while we walk aimlessly shouting for him and pasting the notice you given to us around the whole neighbourhood. A kind-hearted guy, Amos found butter at his block. He took him and gave him food and drink when it is raining heavily outside. Amos called at 10+pm because his friend saw the facebook post. Amos brought butter back to me. I spent my last 1 hour before my birthday end with butter and my family. Thank you so much. God bless you always.

~ Owner of Butter

Hello Sam
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your services as I am so thrilled to tell you that Eski has been found through one of your postings! I am sure the network is wide and deep because my dog (which was lost in Tanglin) ended up in AVRC in Balestier and it was the staff there who contacted me about my missing dog as someone brought him in to get checked. And this was within hours of your post!! I am so grateful and happy for your great help, as I wouldn’t have known how else to have spread the word! An invaluable service to all those who have lost their beloved pets!!!

~ Owner of Eski

We found Sam online past midnight the day our dog Buddy disappeared. Although it was late, we still pinged him because we understood time was of the essence if we wanted to find Buddy. Not only did Sam respond immediately to our email, he got to work right away and before the end of the night he had gotten the word out to all the appropriate agencies, vets, Facebook groups etc. Mind you this was already way past midnight.

Although Sam’s job scope was really just to get the word out to the right people who could potentially help us find Buddy, he went over and beyond. Periodically over the 4 days that Buddy was missing, Sam would text with potential leads or just some words of kind encouragement.

We finally found Buddy through Sam’s network and we are very comfortable with making the claim that we would not have been able to do so without Sam’s help.

Our entire family is so grateful to Sam for helping Buddy find his way home after 4 long days!

While we would never wish upon any pet owner a disappearing pet, if anyone’s pet runs away we would most definitely recommend Sam.

” ~ Joanna, Owner of Buddy

“I’m deeply thankful for the help and service Sam provided.

I am so glad I found missing.sg and was able to find my Maltese Cross. Sam was not only experienced, but efficient too.

As soon as I contacted Sam and gave him the details of my dog, Sam immediately worked on the posters and sent out messages to his contacts. Sam also made postings via social media such as Facebook and forums of pet lovers in Singapore. While I was panicking, Sam kept me updated and guided me through the process.

Thanks to all the alerts Sam put out, a kind neighbour came across one of Sam’s posting on Facebook and contacted me right away.

I am glad to be reunited with my dog, and no words could explain how I feel. I am so impressed with Sam’s service and would highly recommend this service to any pet owners who lost their pet.

Thanks again.

” ~ Bi Lin, Owner of Heffy.

“Firstly, i will like to say a “Big Thank You” for helping us not once but twice to find back our dog QQ, Your services had greatly helped us to find back our dog. I thank you for your professionalism when i contacted you even in the night and you still do up all the requirement to notify all your connection and related website. On behalf of my family and QQ, Kudos to you for your great service you are rendered to us.” ~ Christopher. Owner of QQ

“I wanted to thank you for doing all these, I am able to find my dog Ruby back in such a short time because of this. NO words can describe my gratitude. All the best and I am sure that many others will find their pet through you.” ~ Justin. Owner of Ruby

“Your attention and service towards the matter is greatly appreciated thanks to you that I was able to find my Brandy.” ~ Jennifer, owner of Brandy

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having such a service as when I was desperately looking for him the fact that I could see your ad, online, gave me hope that someone might see it….” ~ Pam

“I am thankful for your presence in this difficult time. To know that someone out there, is willing to help you in one way or another, to retrieve your pet, for a very small fee, is indeed one of God’s blessing. Your ads reached out to many. In fact, a lady called to wish me well for finding Totsu. She lost her pet on the same day too. Thank you, Sam. For your encouraging words, for your effort to advertise the case of my lost Totsu. Now he is found, safe and at home.” ~ Diana, owner of Totsu

“The online poster or ad that you placed was the first source that she knew Bebe’s owners are looking for her. She was on her way back and had surfed the internet using her handphone to check if anyone has lost a dog. She saw my poster too when she reached her block later (: So then she called me and verify how my dog looks like (:

And most importantly, your online missing.sg website really proves that it works! I am very very glad that I got a referral from my sister’s friend about your website. I hope you continue with this service on your website. It will really help many dog owners out there who had lost their beloved dogs.” ~ Elena, owner of Bebe

Dear Sam,
Words can’t express how much your service has helped me in finding my dog, Teddy Bear
Just this morning, I received a call from a lady who told me that she has found my dog!
She has been caring for him for a few days and going around trying to find out where he comes from when she came across one of your ads.

Teddy Bear is finally found after going missing for a few days! He is now once again back at home with me and my family.

Thank you so much for founding a service like this. To all dog owners out there, do use this service. Its really very helpful in finding your pet back. Do not give up hope.” ~ Cherish, owner of Teddy Bear

“Anyway thks once again for ur great help. Without ur services, they wouldn’t be able to connect with me.”~ Yuri

“Hey just wanted to let you know that my jack Russell, jojo, which was lost in 2010 of march was returned to me. Some people picked her up the day she was missing. And she has been living happily in woodlands. While we were here worrying I may add. Anyways, they contacted me saying they came across an ad online and now Jojo is reunited with us! So thanks for all the help. :)” ~ Geraldine, owner of Jojo

“Dino has been found! Thank u so much for your help! Someone saw the postings on facebook and called me!” ~ Eunice, owner of Dino

“Thank you so much for all the postings. With your website’s help, someone managed to identify her and contacted me today! & we FINALLY FOUND HER 5 streets away!

Without this service people would not have seen my contact.. And I wouldn’t have been able to even find her. I lost hope but because of the posting.. They saw her and found the ad on the website! Keep believing in what you do and keep up the good work..

Once again, keep up your amazing work..” ~ Dilyse

“Thanks for the poster! my neighbor found him (Persian Cat) and return it to us! thanks for the poster, it help me! so grateful for your help and so glad that there are so people in singapore willing to help people who lose their pets” ~ Carolina

“I want to thank you for being my external support system when Oreo went missing. I had faith knowing that the post you put up on pet forums and facebook pages will be seen by someone. Thank you for your encouraging words and motivation. No matter what time of the day it is, mornings or late hours in the mornings you will always respond promptly. Thank you for your wonderful service, keep doing what you are doing. Oreo is found and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Sam. God bless.” ~ EshiQa Ranjan, owner of Oreo

“Someone actually picked him up early June as he was wandering around the ECP Bayshore exit. Then got brought to mutts and mittens and has been staying there since. Someone who saw your posting called me, followed by the owner of the pet hotel. Going to pick him up tomorrow.” ~ Weifen – Owner of Jo

“You are a godsend to owners who lost their dogs…People like you make the world a better place.” ~ Justin – Ruby

“I really appreciate your help and how quickly you responded – a great service and worth the investment. Just having you working for us made it fell better.” ~ Andrew – Owner of Bella

“Sam!!! Tk u sooooo much!!! The person who found vodka saw your ad and contacted me!!!! I found him.Tk u!!!” ~ Vanazsa , owner of Vodka

“Hey Sam…I’ve found my cat…thanks so much for ur help…a good Samaritan saw ur ad online and called me.” ~ Aini, owner of Eva

“Hey Sam!!!
We found her!!!
Someone found her and looked online somewhere and found us!

Thanks for ur help” ~ Lorenzo, owner of Meow Meow