Pet Alert Program


Pet Alerts are email alerts of lost pets in Singapore to registered volunteers.


Calling All Pet Lovers:

Do a kind deed and help your fellow pet owners to find their dearly missed lost pets by being their EYES in your area of residence.


Register for our PET ALERT PROGRAM. Registration is free, quick and easy. Your information is confidential and will not be given to any 3rd party.

Whenever a pet is lost, we will send a broadcast e-mail to all registered recipients. The email contains details about the lost pets including pet description (with photos) and the pet owner's contact information. You may receive about 2 short emails a week.

The pets are very dear to the owners and treated like one of their family members. Thus the loss is very devastating especially for the children.

This program is an effort to get pet owners in Singapore to help each other when a pet is missing.

It is my dream to have volunteers in every constituency in Singapore.


Today, it may be about missing pets. Who knows someday it may be about other pet-related issues such as looking out for pet abusers in your neighbourhood, or petition to change the law for better animal welfare, or to rally for a good cause?


Collectively, as an army of animal lovers, we have strength in unity. We have a louder voice. Together we can make a greater impact than a lonely voice.


The animals do not have a voice to speak or defend themselves. We are their voices. If we don't help them, who will?


PLEASE register for our PET ALERT PROGRAM now because someday, it might just be your pet we're searching for.


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