3 Ways to Pay:

    • Transfer to my DBS autosave current account 029-014316-1
    • Pay online via PAYPAL to samchoo @ Click ‘Pay Now’ button below
    • use PAYNOW or PAYLAH. Pay to 9771-7614

Service: SG$50 only

Your lost-pet notice will reach out to pet lovers in Singapore, to vets, to SPCA, National Park, Animal Lovers League, etc, to some of the most popular pet forums and lost-and-found online portals, Facebook groups of pet lovers in Singapore. You will have a 1-page webpage. I will keep a lookout for any online reports of sighting of your pet.

Once I received your payment, I will email you to acknowledge your payment immediately, and complete the work within 24 hours. Normally I complete the work within 3-12 hours. The tasks take me about 2 and a half hour to complete as this is a manual process. (If you do it yourself, you might take a full day).

After your payment, please send me these details.

Note: Once payment is made, there is strictly no refund…even if work had not started, even if your pet walks in seconds after the payment is made. Please note, in making this payment, you agree to the no refund policy.