Zatch Bell

  • Name of Pet:
    Zatch Bell
  • Breed:
    Maltese Poodle Dog
  • Source URL:
  • Color:
  • Gender:
  • Age:
    7 to 9 years old
  • Size:
    Small medium
  • Microchip Number:
  • Date Lost:
    Oct 2016
  • Place Lost:
  • Owner Name:
  • Owner Email:
  • Owner Telephone:
  • Comments:
    I'm Melissa and I am the owner of a male maltese poodle named Zatch. Approximately 7months ago I was forced to put him up for adoption due to family reasons and a man named Anthony (8876 2316) offered to house him. We visited his place for a house visit and mutually decided that it would be a good place for Zatch to reside in. 2 days after this, Anthony took it upon himself to give Zatch up to another adoptee because he said Zatch could not mix well with his first dog. I told him I will find a replacement but he gave Zatch away to another adoptee before evening that day. To this day I have no contact of my dog, Anthony has blocked my number and has prewarned me that he was moving to another place 5 months ago. The "new adoptee" is said to work as an engineer in the govt sector so all of his information is confidential to me and I am not notified of his name, address etc. I only know that "he lives alone in Jurong and that his kids visit him once a week", as Anthony has told me before he has ignored all my messages and blocked all my calls. Please, I have not seen my dog of 5 years for 7 months now and I am worried, depressed and upset for him....
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