Have You Seen LASSIE, a Missing Mongrel Dog, Lost at Stagmond Ring Road?

Name of dog: Lassie
Breed: Singapore special/ Mongrel mixed breed
Color: Dark brown
Gender: Female
Age: Abour 3.5 years old
Size: Medium (skinny build but tall)
Date lost: 6 June 2020, about 830pm
Place lost: Along Pang Sua Railway Corridor towards Stagmont Ring Road (very near the Pang Sua Park Connector)
Microchip number: Ends with 4128
Distinct features: Was wearing a bright red partial choke chain collar, has a visible scar near the backside and abit of lost fur around scar. Very timid and easily frightened by people/ noises from bicycles and traffic.
Contact person:
1) Ooi Shu Ning, 85115583, shuningooi98@gmail.com
2) Ooi Jit Cheow, 97483520, cskojc@yahoo.com.sg

Photos and details at https://missing.sg/lassie