Our mission is to help lost pet owners in Singapore recover their missing pets.

For lost pet owners, losing a pet is like losing a family member.

It is devastating for the family. They would not know what to do or

who to contact.

Our Pet recovery service offers hope and comfort.

As time is of the essence,  we can process the work within 24 hours.

We have been in this service since Year 2009.

More than 50% of our clients found their lost pets.

The success is to due the posters put up by the owners in the vicinity,

the support of the community, our reach out to pet lovers through

the pet forums, lost and found sites, our correspondence with pet authorities

such as SPCA and National Park, vets in Singapore, and prayers to God for their safe


Each case takes up to 3 hours of work as it is a manual process.

So we have to charge a nominal fee.

We love pets as God’s beloved creatures. They are so beautiful and innocent.

It’s love at first sight.  A lost animal is stressed, fearful of strangers, hungry,

thirsty, and yet not able to ask for help or find its way home.

It is our passion to reunite these lost pets with their owners.

Let us work with you to find your lost pet speedily. Let’s do it now.

Send me the information and make payment now.

Featured in the Chinese Newspaper on 28 Oct 2018: